Mon Mothma’s Terrible Dinner Party Guests Are Perfect ‘Andor’ Easter Eggs

Star Wars followers love their Easter eggs, and a few Star Wars followers (hello) flip looking for Easter eggs right into a job. That’s why Andor is such a present. Like all which have come earlier than, the most recent in Disney+’s lengthy line of live-action Star Wars exhibits is full of hidden references to the bigger canon. Authentic trilogy, prequel trilogy, sequel trilogy, expanded universe — it’s all represented if you understand the place to look! And generally discovering these Easter eggs actually improve the scene.

Living proof: the banquet that Mon Mothma’s (Genevieve O’Reilly) husband Perrin (Alastair Mackenzie) springs on her with no discover. Certain, that’s motive sufficient to be indignant, however in the event you lookup who Perrin invited to dinner, you actually perceive why Mon Mothma isn’t simply indignant as a partner, however indignant because the chief of a burgeoning insurrection. If these folks had been coming to your banquet, you’d be pissed off too! These two are the good Star Wars Easter eggs.

Andor 4 - Mon Mothma and Perrin in dining room
Picture: Disney+

So, who’re they? Perrin invited the Governor of Hanna, which is the capital of their homeworld Chandrila. Cool, that’s wonderful. After which Mothma asks who else is coming and will get fairly presumably the worst reply conceivable: Ars Dangor and Sly Moore.

Who’re Ars Dangor and Sly Moore in Andor?

Star Wars seating chart
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Who’re they, other than two extra dinner friends that Mothma didn’t plan for? They’ve each appeared in earlier Star Wars motion pictures (properly, sorta?) and so they’re each nightmare dinner friends. Let’s begin with Ars Dangor.

Ars Dangor could be this man from Return of the Jedi:

Palpatine's advisor in Return of the Jedi
Picture: Disney+

Not Emperor Palpatine, however the man within the cone hate and slanket behind him. There’s debate amongst Star Wars followers as as to if or not he’s really Ars Dangor, however this dude doesn’t have some other identify so I don’t know why it’s up for debate. The purpose is, Ars Dangor is one in every of these guys:

Palpatine's advisors in Return of the Jedi
Picture: Disney+

Yeah, he’s one in every of Emperor Palpatine’s advisors, a member of Palpatine’s entourage, one in every of Palpatine’s purple velvet mafia. Ars Dangor is among the guys who helps the Emperor work out the right way to do all that horrible stuff he does. Yeah, positive, invite him to dinner!

And seated on the opposite facet of Mon Mothma’s husband will probably be Sly Moore. Should you’ve seen Assault of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith, you’ve seen Sly Moore. She’s proper there on Palpatine’s proper, a trend icon with cheekbones sharper than a rancor’s tooth.

Sly Moore in Attack of the Clones
Picture: Disney+

How dangerous is Sly Moore? Uh, she was actually standing by Palpatine’s facet when he declared the formation of the Galactic Empire.

Sly Moore in Revenge of the Sith
Picture: Disney+

Liberty is crumbling earlier than her and her face says, “Yeah, what of it?” Sly Moore was Palpatine’s chief of workers, y’all! Making issues even worse, Moore has some low-key Pressure skills and was, and I quote, “adept at manipulating political opponents to disclose their secrets and techniques.” Uh, Mon Mothma has a fairly large secret, what along with her conspiring to overthrow the Empire and all.

These are the 2 finest Easter eggs of the collection to this point as a result of they’re really Easter eggs. We’ve in some way began to conflate Easter eggs with “full on visitor appearances of characters we have now seen earlier than” or “this prop/set/and so on. unintentionally appears barely like one thing else.” These aren’t Easter eggs as a result of the previous isn’t even hidden and the latter’s one thing that isn’t even a part of the hunt. Easter eggs are alleged to be arduous to search out and in addition intentionally hidden. These dinner friends had been intentionally chosen as a result of they’re horrible, and also you don’t know the way horrible they’re except you do the work of trying them up. And on prime of all that, they actively improve the scene as a result of now we all know why Mothma is indignant sufficient to take her husband’s day of days present again to the shop.

Mon Mothma is stressed
Picture: Disney+

So now whenever you rewatch the scene and Mon Mothma hears that Ars Dangor and Sly Moore are coming to dinner, you understand what she’s listening to is, “Hey, I invited Palpatine’s evil-ideas man and his cutthroat telepathic sidekick over to dinner as a result of lol they’re hilarious — however don’t fear, you’ll sit on the different finish of the desk since you’re such a buzzkill.”

Could the divorce be with you, Mon Mothma.

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