5 best yoga exercises for seniors

Most individuals over 50 suppose that they’re too previous for yoga, however the reality is you’ll be able to apply yoga at any age. It’s only a matter of selecting what kind of yoga you wish to do and working towards inside your health skills and well being. Varied research additionally counsel that yoga workout routines for seniors would possibly even assist them age higher by protecting their our bodies versatile and creating power by means of low-impact and straightforward postures.

Advantages of Yoga Workout routines for Seniors

Yoga is among the finest methods to remain wholesome and lively. It’s a secure train choice for the senior inhabitants, which helps them keep their flexibility and stability, preserve their muscle tissue sturdy, restore bone well being, and reverse age-related psychological slowing down. It improves focus and reduces insomnia and despair. Subsequently, yoga is a wonderful choice for seniors to realize bodily and psychological well being. It’s price and time efficient, too.

5 Yoga Workout routines for Seniors

These 5 easy asanas are a terrific beginning sequence for older adults trying to start common yoga apply.

1. Mountain Pose

The mountain pose helps with grounding by means of the toes and reaching stability. It is a foundational pose that’s finest suited to seniors to maintain their legs sturdy and wholesome whereas additionally bettering their posture.

Stand straight along with your huge toes touching and place your heels collectively. Tighten your abdominals and chill out your shoulders again and down. Breathe deeply whereas participating your leg muscle tissue as you floor by means of the toes.

2. Tree Pose

The tree pose is one other nice strength-building and balancing pose for seniors. This asana helps enhance muscle power and stability within the legs.

Stand with each your toes collectively and palms in your chest. Maintain your gaze straight and maintain a gentle gaze to take care of your stability. Raise your left foot off the ground and slowly open your knee out to the left aspect. Place the only of your foot on the within of your proper leg, shin or ankle (no matter is snug). As soon as you’re feeling regular, transfer your arms above your head and maintain the pose. Repeat all the pose along with your reverse leg.

3. Legs Up the Wall

Legs up the wall is a chilled and restorative yoga pose that helps ease delicate despair, anxiousness, intestine issues, insomnia, and menopausal signs. It additionally helps relieve drained and sore legs.

Lie on the ground in a approach that your hips are touching the wall and each your legs are prolonged up on the wall in a restful place. Your again and shoulders must be on the ground and your head also needs to relaxation safely on the ground. Loosen up the remainder of your muscle tissue and permit your palms to be in your sides or your stomach. Keep on this place for a couple of minutes and chill out your physique whereas specializing in deep respiratory.

4. Warrior II

Warrior II pose in yoga helps enhance bone density and develops decrease physique power. This pose additionally gently stretches your internal thighs, groin, and hips.

Begin along with your toes hip-width aside and your arms straight in your sides. Flip to your proper and step your proper foot out 2–3 ft whereas positioning your heels in line. Flip your proper foot to a 90-degree angle and lift your arms straight to your shoulder stage in your sides. Slowly bend your proper leg till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Your left leg must be secure and straight always. Maintain the pose, swap legs and repeat.

5. Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose helps enhance bowel motion and promotes digestion. It stretches the knees and thighs and likewise reduces joint ache and stiffness.

Begin in a seated place along with your knees bent. Press the soles of your toes and interlace your fingers across the aspect of your toes. You can even place your palms in your shins or ankles. Elongate your backbone and widen your chest. Transfer your shoulders again and downwards and keep on this posture for a couple of minutes.


Common apply of the aforementioned poses can probably assist seniors lead more healthy and extra fulfilling lives, by way of emotional and bodily well-being. These asanas is not going to solely strengthen the muscle tissue but in addition enhance psychological stability and permit the older adults to be impartial.

Though yoga helps to make the thoughts and physique sturdy, providing a plethora of advantages to seniors, it isn’t an alternative choice to medical therapy. Subsequently, you will need to begin the apply solely after consulting a physician and working towards the asanas beneath the supervision of a licensed coach.

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