Genshin Impact Scarab locations and easiest farming routes to collect them

The brand new 3.1 replace has formally arrived in Genshin Impression and gamers now have the chance to summon Cyno from his rate-up banner. For ascension, Cyno can be needing 168 Scarabs, a brand new native specialty solely present in Sumeru’s desert.

There are many scarabs that may be collected from the desert and gamers may also go to different folks’s world to gather them as properly. Nonetheless, it may be a little bit of a frightening process until gamers know the spawn places of those sand creatures.

Listed beneath are all spawn places and simple farming routes to observe to gather scarabs in Genshin Impression.

Genshin Impression 3.1: Location of all Scarabs and Simple Farming Routes

Scarab is a brand new sort of native specialty added to Genshin Impression with the newly unlocked desert area. These exhausting beetles are solely discovered within the Deshret Desert of Sumeru. The creature has numerous spawn places and gamers might want to take the assistance of interactive maps and visible guides to gather them.

These creatures have a tendency to maneuver round their spawn places and are all the time rolling balls of filth. These gradual actions make them straightforward to identify and seize. To gather the scarab, gamers might want to stand near it and kill it with a weapon.

Comply with this Genshin Impression interactive map to seek out 76 spawn places of Scarabs within the Sumeru desert. Some spawn places can’t be reached until gamers full some quests. Gamers might want to full the next quests to entry all scarab spawn places:

  • Golden Slumber
  • Twin Proof

Gamers who need to ascend Cyno to degree 90 will want the next quantity of scarabs:

  • Degree 20 – 3 Scarabs
  • Degree 40 – 10 Scarabs
  • Degree 50 – 20 Scarabs
  • Degree 60 – 30 Scarabs
  • Degree 70 – 45 Scarabs
  • Degree 80 – 60 Scarabs

After accumulating the Scarabs, it’s going to take them 48 hours to respawn. Therefore, it’s going to take gamers round per week to gather 168 scarabs for Cyno. Another method to acquire tons of scarab in a day could be to go to different gamers’ worlds in co-op periods to gather scarabs.

Simple Farming Route for Scarabs in Genshin Impression 3.1

The tweet above showcases an environment friendly farming route to gather scarabs within the desert. The environment friendly route will permit gamers to gather round 50-55 scarabs in 10 minutes. The route has been shade co-ordinated for gamers to allow them to observe a unique route primarily based on whether or not they have made any progress with the story quests.

Some gamers would possibly come throughout problems when looking for scarabs from the interactive maps. They’ll observe this glorious YouTube information that visually guides them to scarab spawn places via environment friendly farming routes.

With the brand new Dendro elemental reactions in Genshin Impression, there is no such thing as a doubt that Cyno will deliver tons of injury potential with him.

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