A TikToker Explained Why It’s Hard To Understand Canadians & He’s Not Wrong (VIDEOS)

On the subject of understanding Canadians, it may be a bit difficult to grasp completely different regional accents in the event you’re not from the world. However there are additionally a couple of distinctive linguistic instruments that some Canucks use that others discover complicated.

Over on TikTok, @whitechocolategangster made two movies about conditions wherein Canadians is perhaps slightly misunderstood.


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“Derek’s beginning to piss me off, man,” the primary individual within the video mentioned.

“Why? Simply trigger he is Canadian?” mentioned the second.

“No, I simply by no means know what the f*ck he is speaking about,” the primary individual responded earlier than getting Derek on the cellphone as an instance his drawback.

“Oh hey, bud,” Derek mentioned.

“Hey would you want to come back over for dinner tomorrow night time?” the primary individual requested Derek.

“Oh yeah, no,” mentioned Derek. “Yeah, yeah, for positive, no. Yeah, no. No, yeah.”

“Is {that a} sure or a no?” the primary individual mentioned to the second, who suggested him to ask Derek one other query.

“Are you continue to driving that Nissan?” the primary individual requested Derek.

“Oh no. No, yeah,” responded Derek. “Yeah, no. No no.”

“This must be a f*cking joke,” the primary individual mentioned in response to Derek’s seemingly contradictory solutions.


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In a second video, the primary individual is on the lookout for batteries and sadly needed to discuss to Derek, whom he hates as he can “by no means perceive his accent.”

When he requested Derek if he had any double A batteries, he acquired a complicated response.

“Oh you want an AA, eh?” mentioned Derek.

“No that is a triple A, I would like a double A,” he defined.

“Yeah, I acquired a double A, eh,” mentioned Derek.

After a bit extra backwards and forwards, Derek realized the issue.

“Oh bud, I see why you are confused,” Derek mentioned. “No, you are pondering AAA. I’ve acquired an AA, eh.”

“Derek, for f*ck sakes,” the opposite individual mentioned irritated.

Hopefully you bought your battery, eh!

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