Marilyn Monroe “killed by a party drug used to increase sexual pleasure,” PI claims after a new witness came forward

A witness has claimed Marilyn Monroe died from a deadly enema, which a PI stated was generally used at intercourse events attended by the Hollywood starlet.

The then 36-year-old was discovered lifeless in what was initially dominated a “possible suicide” at her Brentwood dwelling on August 5, 1962, hours after she allegedly had an argument along with her lover Bobby Kennedy.

A witness has claimed Marilyn Monroe died from a fatal enema that was commonly used at sex parties, according to a PI


A witness has claimed Marilyn Monroe died from a deadly enema that was generally used at intercourse events, based on a PIPicture credit score: Getty
The witness said drugs were rumored to have been inserted into enemas to enhance the sexual experiences at Pat and Peter Lawford's wild parties


The witness stated medication had been rumored to have been inserted into enemas to boost the sexual experiences at Pat and Peter Lawford’s wild eventsCredit score: AP
PI Becky Becky Altringer told the US Sun,


PI Becky Becky Altringer instructed the US Solar, “They put medication within the enemas to make it work quicker.”Picture credit score: Getty
Altringer said she found this interesting because there have been theories that Marilyn died from an enema


Altringer stated she discovered this attention-grabbing as a result of there have been theories that Marilyn died from an enemaPicture credit score: Getty

Nevertheless, many investigators refuse to consider that she killed herself, and as a substitute have indulged in quite a few wild theories in regards to the actress’ loss of life.

Conspiracy theorists blame the FBI, the Mafia, or their very own private psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, who was allegedly on a deadly dose of the tranquilizer pentobarbital.

Personal detective Becky Altringer, who has been investigating the case for years, is “100% sure” that Marilyn didn’t commit suicide and has now been concerned in a German documentary that has unearthed new proof.

She was a part of the sequence Chilly Case, which regarded again on the occasions within the episode titled Loss of life of an Icon [Death of an icon] – Marilyn Monroe.

Altringer says that whereas filming the episode, she discovered {that a} lifeguard who attended wild events thrown by American socialite Pat and her husband, British actor Peter Lawford, referred to as in.

Pete, who was a part of Sinatra’s notorious “Rat Pack,” and his companion Pat had been identified for riotous gatherings at their Malibu mansion within the ’50s and ’60s, attended by the likes of the Kennedy brothers — it’s even the place on which she d supposedly met for a tryst with Marilyn.

Rumor has it that enemas had been for use at these events to extend sexual pleasure.

Now Altringer tells The US Solar: “I discovered whereas filming a documentary in Germany that there was a lifeguard who was observing a number of events at Pat Lawford’s home the place they had been having walk-in events.

“They put medication within the enemas to make it work quicker.

“That is attention-grabbing as there are a lot of theories that Marilyn was murdered [by] enemas.”

John W. Miner was a former LA Assistant District Lawyer and instrumental within the investigation into Marilyn’s loss of life.

Miner was among the many theorists who later in life firmly believed that she died from a deadly enema.

In a 2005 first-person article with the LA Instances, he defined his lethal enema concept: “Marilyn Monroe took or was given chloral hydrate to render her unconscious.

“Somebody dissolved Nembutal in water by breaking 30 or extra capsules.

“This individual then administered the Nembutal-loaded resolution to Miss Monroe by enema utilizing an abnormal syringe or [an] enema bag.

“Because the drug was slowly absorbed, the tissues of the colon responded to the trauma of publicity to the poisonous substance with an inflammatory response that produced blockage and a definite purple colour.

Marilyn Monroe took or was given chloral hydrate to render her unconscious.

John W. Bergman

“This constipation and purple colour had been evident when the physique was opened at post-mortem. Marilyn Monroe by no means regained consciousness and died.

“From the medical proof alone, it have to be concluded that Marilyn Monroe was killed by [the] Particular person(s) unknown.”

Altringer additionally instructed The Solar in 2020 that she found a “Field 39” within the UCLA library’s Particular Collections division, sealed to the general public till 2039, that will include the solutions to how and why the appearing legend died.

The field belonged to Greenson and comprises varied paperwork and letters associated to Marilyn.


“There [are] so many unanswered questions, and that shouldn’t be,” Altringer stated.

“Marilyn Monroe was the one individual whose organs and assessments and all the things associated to her loss of life disappeared. How does this occur if it’s not a cover-up?

“And now we uncover Field 39, which comprises a pile of sealed information from her GP, who I consider is accountable for her loss of life.

“I strongly consider that the solutions to what occurred could also be hidden in these information.”

Altringer, who runs the Ariel Investigations Company in New Mexico, is campaigning to have Marilyn’s loss of life certificates modified from “most likely suicide” to “murder” and has began a petition that has over 6,000 signatures up to now.

This is only one of many different theories surrounding the actress’ loss of life, together with claims that she was assassinated as a result of President John F. Kennedy instructed her about UFO secrets and techniques.

A guide about Marilyn’s life claimed that she aborted JFK’s love little one and fell right into a deep despair earlier than her loss of life.

Marilyn Monroe “killed by a celebration drug used to extend sexual pleasure,” PI claims after a brand new witness got here ahead

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