House of the Dragon Anthology: What Other Targaryen Stories Can Be Explored

What adopted was a Gothic horror story crammed with epic battles between dragons, much more epic duels between the Kingsguard and the warrior-monks guild champion, and at last the evil King Maegor, who reigned just like the legend of Vlad Tepes, to the purpose of taking three brides throughout ” Black Marriage.” That will be a superb tv, if once more acquainted sufficient.

The great King Jaehaerys Targaryen

For those who see the pattern within the entries above, it’s as a result of they ticked most of the identical containers as Dragon Home: competing Targaryen claims, political intrigue, struggle, and lots of mass deaths (often by dragonfire).

So maybe essentially the most fascinating option to preserve this freshness is to discover the comparatively blissful reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. We are saying previous as a result of, like a sure real-world king who not too long ago died, he dominated Westeros for almost 60 years in peace and prosperity, and we even get to see him throughout his remaining years in Dragon Homeprologue because the reluctant king presiding over the Nice Council of Harrenhal. There the ruler of Westeros determined which of his grandchildren can be his inheritor as a result of Jaehaerys outlived all of his sons.

Nevertheless, simply because Westeros didn’t expertise a significant civil struggle throughout Jaehaerys’ reign doesn’t make it boring material. Quite the opposite, it is among the most explored eras in Hearth & Blood, with Martin seemingly dizzy to write down a few king constructing roads as an alternative of burning them. For starters, Jaehaerys’ reign didn’t begin peacefully. In reality, the collection about Maegor could possibly be used as a stepping stone into Jaehaerys’ reign, as Jaehaerys was only a boy when he and his mom fled Maegor the Merciless at night time, taking refuge in Storm’s Finish and gathering Baratheon, apparently eternally, for the aim of Targaryen.

The various excuses and political manipulations that occurred from the start of Jaehaerys’ reign when, in his district, he carried out a diplomatic battle together with his personal mom and gave up the best to marry this sister, to how he fought as king. the light energy of Starry Sept and the North, might make for some fascinating (if grossly soiled at instances) melodrama.

Extra importantly, Jaehaerys’ reign was so peaceable that it allowed the Targaryen to thrive outdoors of King’s Touchdown, and would open up Dragon Home up, permitting to color with a bigger palette, just like Recreation of Thrones.

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