Kundali Bhagya Written Update Today’s Episode 4th October 2022 Anjali Hits Prithvi

Zee TV’s serial Kundali Bhagya is getting additional attention-grabbing day-to-day. The newest episode begins with Prithvi. He claims that regardless of his poor character and tendency to mistaken individuals, he’s unable to destroy any woman’s fame as a consequence of his love for Preeta Ji. Prithvi asks what’s his draw again since he’s in Preeta’s room and Arjun tells him to go away and definitely not come as soon as extra. Prithvi responds that he would positively take Preeta’s decide alongside collectively along with his mouth, nonetheless that that’s his closing warning to Arjun on account of even he can enhance his hand.

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun warns him to go away and definitely not come as soon as extra, nonetheless Prithvi questions why he’ll get affected on account of he regularly hits him every time he takes her decide. Since he’s in Preeta’s room, Prithvi queries what his draw back is as Arjun advises him to go and definitely not come as soon as extra. Prithvi requires cash from Arjun in each different case he’ll make him endure. Arjun smiles and asks if he would take revenge. Prithvi responds by asking if he thought he can beat Prithvi at any time on account of if he wrongs him then would endure the equal since he will certainly make Arjun’s life a residing.

Arjun responds that he’s not intimidated by Prithvi’s threats and that he’s free to do as he pleases. When Prithvi makes an attempt to go away the room, Anjali blocks him and swings a bat at his head, knocking Prithvi out chilly. When Prithvi tells Anjali this might be a massive mistake and she or he responds that he’s their enemy, Arjun questions what was the necessity for her to hit him, and Anjali responds that she helped him, nonetheless even then he’s asking questions like they should take him to the trunk of the automotive. Arjun wonders what’s mistaken collectively collectively along with her on account of she is continually offended and irrational.

Anjali claims that on account of he acts on this means, she has adopted just some of his habits. When Arjun assures Prithvi that he’s aware of nothing about him, Anjali responds that Prithvi is aware of what he has achieved to Rishab. Arjun then says he can deal with Prithvi, nonetheless Anjali insists that he accompany her on account of she believes the Karan is about to awaken. When Rakhi asks Shrishti what she is watching, Shrishti demonstrates the trailer to her, and Rakhi remarks that it’s an intriguing story concerning the connection between a father and his youngsters. Observe Social Telecast for additional Kundali Bhagya updates.


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