Shop the Monopoly ‘Longest Game Ever’ edition on Amazon

Cross GO and gather $200 — however not as rapidly as you used to with Monopoly’s new “Longest Recreation Ever” version.

Fact be advised, we found this hidden Amazon gem on TikTok and our jaws truly dropped. Not solely have we been negotiating trades for Boardwalk and railroads since we had been in elementary college, however we love an excellent ol’ board recreation revamp.

Iconically, the board recreation field options the traditional Monopoly Man sleeping — holding an alarm clock — on a tortoise. If this doesn’t sign the sport is sluggish, then we don’t know what would.

We all know what you’re pondering: How is that this version totally different from common Monopoly? Effectively, it has double the quantity of areas (simply see the board for proof) and just one cube — so it’s inconceivable to roll a double and earn one other flip.

Monopoly "Longest Game Ever" Edition

The sport doesn’t finish till somebody owns each single property, so prepare for an extended recreation night time. Decide up this Amazon Unique whereas it’s not bought out but.

For this recreation, no auctions are allowed (in brief, in the event you purchased Boardwalk and somebody purchased Park Place, you’re at a loss). Additionally, every participant receives cash for touchdown on free parking.

To not point out, this recreation has hilarious critiques. One individual wrote “I performed this as soon as and it took six and a half years to finish. When completed, my child was all grown up and my canine had died.”

Although we’re not in the dead of night days of quarantine anymore, this recreation is irreplaceable on a wet day. Now, doesn’t an hours-long Monopoly recreation and a cup of sizzling espresso (snuggled beneath a throw blanket with the fireside on) sound like the right chilly climate consolation?

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