“Teach Your Children Loyalty” BBNaija’s Tega Advises Mothers

The well-known Nigerian reality famous person – Tega has advised moms to coach their children about loyalty while they’re however younger, she acknowledged this in a tweet she revealed.

In keeping with her, she maintained that doing so, it is going to assist them in million approaches that cash can’t.


In keeping with Tega, being loyal requires treating others with recognize and being regular to your actions and conduct, significantly on this contemporary-day relationships.

She added that being truthful and dependable, somebody who could be relied upon may be very important in as of late’s worldwide.

Being reliable moreover entails regularly treating the choice individual with respect.

In keeping with her, accepting and adoring an individual for who they could be at the same time as not threatening to depart them whereas events alternate is being dependable.

Loyalty is required most contained in the courting, aiding one another, and enduring hardships collectively.

As a result of people are higher forthright and honest after they perceive the other man or girl is reliable.

It fosters intimacy and consider in friendship and marriages.

The very fact famous person suggested moms to inculcate a way of loyalty of their youngsters as they develop into an individual.

Tega additionally advised mothers to coach their kids about relationships, and what’s all about, claiming that doing so; will assist them in approaches that cash alone can’t.

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