Ex-PM PTI Imran Khan And Ex-Minister Murad Saeed Complete Leaked Video Viral On Social Media – Viral Video – 4Uetc Explored

Murad Saeed, the federal minister for communications and postal corporations, accused Reham Khan, a journalist and the ex-spouse of Prime Minister Imran Khan, of spreading false particulars about him.

In accordance with the minister, although the Ministry of Communications simply recently acquired excessive honors for its effectivity, the recognition was tainted by quotes from Reham Khan’s e guide, which not solely discredited the petitioner however as well as demoralized the ministry’s staff members.

Saeed claimed inside the uncover that each one of his accomplishments had become controversial because of “slander and dirty propaganda” gleaned from the e guide and {{that a}} “draught was leaked which you [Reham khan] haven’t denied till within the current day and printed later.”

The minister made reference to the draught and claimed that he had been slandered. He demanded that Reham Khan current an proof and an apology inside 14 days, after which he threatened to take licensed movement.

The uncover moreover consists of fairly a number of TV packages, speeches, and social media posts, and an proof may also be requested.

In the entire slander, Reham’s writing simply isn’t solely talked about, nonetheless she has moreover been retweeting it, in accordance with Murad. If an apology simply isn’t given, the courtroom is perhaps requested to impose a harsh penalty and award damages of 1 billion rupees.

A video of PTI Imran Khan and Murad Saeed was leaked; the video of EX-PM PTI Imran Khan then went viral.

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