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Written by William H. Felix (1832-1912) in Feminism: Lady and Her Work

Might God impress upon our ladies the excessive, heavenly, and holy obligation of citing the kids of our nation, and of constructing our properties locations of pleasure and luxury. Oh my! for the state! if our ladies need to go away the work of our properties and run hither and thither searching for higher rights and higher powers. The Lady’s Temperance Conference, which met a short while in the past in Cincinnati, resolved that ladies ought to be of their properties to put the foundations of a chaste and temperate life, elevating their youngsters rightly.

However how can they do that after they go away their properties to attend conventions and run to crusades and shut themselves up in closets to arrange lectures and go hither and thither to ship them and in lots of different methods neglect the work they have they got it? are they inspired to do? She neglects the impure properly to go ahead to the hopeless activity of purifying the muddy stream. No matter work she does, it’s the one that’s subordinated to the work from home. This doesn’t exclude it from different labors of affection. She could discover time to go to the sick and poor, to counterpoint her thoughts and soul by studying and research, to worship God within the sanctuary, and to lighten the burdens of poor and uncared for households.

Uncared for properties are the rising evil of our day, and we girls should search to alleviate it. However there’s a extra blessed view of the matter. It’s not for society alone, nor merely for the state, however for heaven, ladies should do that work. To them is entrusted the work of coaching souls, and in each soul sleeps a elegant prophecy of glory; every coronary heart is the abode of royal tenants, every divinely entitled to put on a crown, wield a scepter, and rule a kingdom. Who does the work of creating this glory? The girl has to do it. The duty could also be troublesome, my work could also be uninteresting and monotonous, however the finish, when achieved, will probably be wonderful.

“Simply give me one technology of excellent Christian moms and I’ll change the world.” (John Chrysostom)

I’ve no higher pleasure than to listen to that my youngsters are strolling within the fact.
3 John 1:4

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