Overwatch 2 players reveal game-changing settings Kiriko’s parent needs to change

Overwatch 2 brings the brand new hero Kiriko to the roster, and gamers can nonetheless grasp her Swift Step and Therapeutic Ofuda talents. Turns on the market are a number of game-changing settings you’ll be able to alter to make utilizing Kiriko simpler.

Overwatch 2 is lastly right here, bringing in a brand new 5v5 format, new maps, and maybe most significantly, new heroes. Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen arrive at launch, and gamers are nonetheless mastering their talents.

If you wish to tackle Kiriko’s Help hero, there are a number of game-changing settings you’ll be able to tweak to make enjoying as him “quite a bit simpler.”

In keeping with Reddit person HamOnRye__, Overwatch 2 gamers ought to change Swift Step Sensitivity to 100 and flip off the Toggle Therapeutic Ofuda setting within the Kiriko menu.

As Redditor explains, growing Swift’s Step Sensitivity will enhance your sensitivity to teleport to teammates, that means that “the upper up, the sooner and sooner the teleport reticle seems on teammates.” Reducing the setting means you must be extra correct when attempting to teleport to teammates.

Toggling the Toggle Therapeutic Ofuda setting to Off will will let you be far more correct when utilizing his therapeutic playing cards.

When set to Toggle, “it throws playing cards continuous till you click on left click on once more.” Nevertheless, turning it off means you’ll solely be throwing one card per click on, or you’ll be able to maintain down the button to throw extra.

“This makes giving a bit well being to teammates simpler and sooner,” defined the participant. “It additionally means that you can throw kunai extra usually.”

Overwatch 2 gamers within the feedback help how helpful it’s to vary this setting. Consumer Linca_K9 mentioned that setting Ofuda’s Toggle Therapeutic setting to Off was a “large change.”

“I don’t know why this feature is enabled by default,” they continued. “It’s really simpler to play it.” The OP chimed in, explaining that “it’s loopy how a lot simpler it’s to play Kiriko with the settings turned off.”

Don’t fear if Kiriko locks up for you when she shouldn’t, as Blizzard has responded to the irritating error locking the hero.

Picture Credit score: Blizzard

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